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Multimodal Interaction Laboratory (MmIL)

The Multimodal Interaction Laboratory, (MmIL) is an isolated listening space matched to facilities in DLLNI. Both the DIT and DLLNI laboratories are being built to the same architectural and acoustic specification, with facilities and equipment also being duplicated wherever possible.

The MmIL contains state of the art facilities including Tag Mclaren audio processors and Dynaudio BM reference monitors, with interaction and monitoring equipment including DPA surround sound microphone trees (to detect spatialised reactions and responses), JVC HD cameras (for gesture detection) and a Pioneer HD cinema display. In addition, the MmIL will house a full Vicon motion capture system, a full ProTools HD3 system (including SSL and Focusrite channel processors) and four Studiobox vocal booths equipped with Neumann U87 microphones, JVC IP cameras and Glottis electroglottographs. All lab resources are synchonrised with a 13Tb XServe that hosts the esca corpus, stores experimental and production assets and manages animation rendering processes.

Project funding

The MmIL is funded by Enterprise Ireland Capital Equipment Fund (IMP) and by capital equipment donations from industry, notably DTS, Pepper’s Ghost Productions, Digital Film Technology Weiterstadt and Apple Computers Ireland.

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