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The DMC is a multi disciplinary research group comprising of many different research strands which often come together in collaborative projects. Current research groups affiliated with the DMC include:


The Applied Intelligence Research Centre (AIRC), a recognised R & D centre of the Dublin Institute of Technology, engages in researching the application of computational intelligence technologies to real world problems.  The core competencies of the AIRC include machine learning, language technologies, intelligent agents and data analytics.


The Multimodel Interaction Group (MmIG) is a research group dedicated to the study of interpersonal and human computer interaction (HCI) in a number of modalities. Particular areas of research interest include:

  • emotional speech
  • auditory user interfaces
  • location based services (LBS)
  • multichannel audio
  • character animation
  • online learning tools
  • mobile device technologies
  • sonification

Digital Media Centre
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